On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 11:07:06PM +0100, marmorine wrote:
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> I can also get feh to show the slideshow directly like this:
> (call 'feh "fz-d.gif" "fz-o.gif" "fz-g.gif" "-D" 2 "--cycle-once")
> ...
> but I would like to be able to just insert them on the fly. ?

Yes, you can do that with 'apply':

   (let Lst '("fz-d.gif" "fz-o.gif" "fz-g.gif")
      (apply call Lst "feh" "-D" 2 "--cycle-once") )

Note the strange order of the arguments. The list must follow the
applied function, and additional optional arguments appear before that
in the actual call. That is, the above is equivalent to

   (apply "feh" "-D" 2 "--cycle-once" "fz-d.gif" "fz-o.gif" "fz-g.gif")

but I think that feh will accept the options also before the file names,

♪♫ Alex
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