this works perfectly (sorry for the delay in the answer!).

here is the code where I use it for any interested. its in a small
flash-card like program which uses feh in the pc terminal and fbi in
the framebuffer console (pics or slideshows).

(de show_pic (L)
   (show_txt "<pic>")
   (if (= (gopt 'hst) "pc")
      (apply call L "feh" "-D" (gopt 'dia) "--cycle-once")
      (apply call L "fbi" "-t" (gopt 'dia) "-1" "-noverbose") )
   (prin Dsp) )

the "-1" in fbi is its "cycle once".

for mplayer the program only needed it called on a single file:

(de show_vid (X)
   (show_txt "<vid>")
   (call "mplayer" X "-really-quiet")
   (prin Dsp) )


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