Hello list,

let me announce 7fach BlitzMenu, our first attempt for a public
application since 9 years :)

It is for gastronomers, restaurants or canteens, to maintain their
dishes and beverages in a database, and allow them to generate their
daily or weekly menus with just a few mouse clicks.

Independent from the question whether it will be a commercial success (I
hope it does), it has some interesting aspects from a technical
(PicoLisp) point of view:

1. It allows the user to directly edit PostScript layout templates in a
   Canvas. Then these layouts can be combined with groups of articles
   from the database to generate PDF and HTML files.

2. I found out that the '+Bag' relations can be nested. This allows the
   creation of multi-dimensional data structures, directly in the DB

   Normally, a (+List +Bag) represents a two-dimensional table, which
   maps to a '+Chart' in the GUI. To my own surprise, it works also if
   an element in a bag is a (+List +Bag) again (i.e. nested Bags),
   resulting in a three-dimensional structure:

   (rel grp (+List +Bag)               # Groups/Articles
      ((+Bool))                           # Aktive
      ((+String))                         # Description
      ((+List +Bag)                       # Articles
         ((+Bool))                           # Aktive
         ((+Link) (+Art)) ) )                # Article

   And: I found a way to allow direct editing of these structures in the
   GUI, by connecting charts on the different levels with radio buttons.
   In principle, this can be extended to as many dimensions as desired.

The system is ready for production use now, and can be found at


Initial language is German, but you can switch to English if you like.
Other languages are planned but not yet supported.

The second entry in the navigation on the left is "Introduction". Here
you may view a short video (without sound) showing the basic usage.

And the third entry is "Try yourself". If you click on "Start demo
application" you get a private demo database in a sandbox, where you can
play around yourself. Note that your data are lost when you close the
browser session.

Please don't submit the form on "New registration" (unless, of course,
you want to become a customer ;)

♪♫ Alex
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