Hi Rick,

> I forgot to tell you that I tried this a while back.  It's very
> impressive!  I'm very sorry that I cannot give you any constructive
> feedback, as I need to actually learn the basic rudiments of App Dev in pil
> myself first, like literally step through doc/app.html, like a baby (n00b
> that I am).

No problem :)

> But back to the subject, the fact that you can have the design elements of
> the sheet (menu) in the interface like that (for the user to control) is
> tres cool.  I can see how this is very useful for your customer!  Thanks
> for sharing this with us.  I will use this, as I mature in pil app dev, to
> highlight, and as a model for, what can be achievable with pil as a web dev
> base.  Very inspirational!
> Good luck with your prospects.

Thanks! We will fine-tune several things (we want more flexibility in
selecting attributes of the boxes in the layout, and more fonts) over
the next weeks. Then we'll post advertisements in gastronomy magazines.
Let's see ...

♪♫ Alex
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