On March 12, 2015 7:29:02 PM CET, Alexander Burger <> wrote:
>Hello list,
>let me announce 7fach BlitzMenu, our first attempt for a public
>application since 9 years :)
>It is for gastronomers, restaurants or canteens, to maintain their
>dishes and beverages in a database, and allow them to generate their
>daily or weekly menus with just a few mouse clicks.
>Independent from the question whether it will be a commercial success
>hope it does), it has some interesting aspects from a technical
>(PicoLisp) point of view:
>1. It allows the user to directly edit PostScript layout templates in a
>   Canvas. Then these layouts can be combined with groups of articles
>   from the database to generate PDF and HTML files.
>2. I found out that the '+Bag' relations can be nested. This allows the
>   creation of multi-dimensional data structures, directly in the DB
>   model.
>   Normally, a (+List +Bag) represents a two-dimensional table, which
>   maps to a '+Chart' in the GUI. To my own surprise, it works also if
>   an element in a bag is a (+List +Bag) again (i.e. nested Bags),
>   resulting in a three-dimensional structure:
>   (rel grp (+List +Bag)               # Groups/Articles
>      ((+Bool))                           # Aktive
>      ((+String))                         # Description
>      ((+List +Bag)                       # Articles
>         ((+Bool))                           # Aktive
>         ((+Link) (+Art)) ) )                # Article
>  And: I found a way to allow direct editing of these structures in the
>  GUI, by connecting charts on the different levels with radio buttons.
>   In principle, this can be extended to as many dimensions as desired.
>The system is ready for production use now, and can be found at
>Initial language is German, but you can switch to English if you like.
>Other languages are planned but not yet supported.
>The second entry in the navigation on the left is "Introduction". Here
>you may view a short video (without sound) showing the basic usage.
>And the third entry is "Try yourself". If you click on "Start demo
>application" you get a private demo database in a sandbox, where you
>play around yourself. Note that your data are lost when you close the
>browser session.
>Please don't submit the form on "New registration" (unless, of course,
>you want to become a customer ;)
>♪♫ Alex

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