Hi list, I'm announcing this at a very early stage, earlier than I
would like to, in case someone else is also thinking about doing a
MySQL wrapper, to avoid duplicate work.

I'm not doing this because I think that MySQL is in any way a better
alternative than the native DB functionality, rather the opposite.

The main reasoning is that it might help adoption of the language as
I've come to believe that how the data is stored could be as big a
hurdle to switch as the language switch itself - for many
organisations - if they can keep their data as it is (to begin with)
half the battle might already be won.

PicoLisp with MySQL is still better than say PHP with MySQL.

It also helps in migrating from MySQL to the native DB.

It's all inspired by Alex Williams' nice and instructive use of the
native stuff here: http://aw.github.io/picolisp//2015/02/22/nanomsg/

And I couldn't have managed without AB's writeup here:

Without further ado:

Note that you can't just run with the file linked to above, you need
the mysql.so file in the ext/so folder too.

If no one beats me to it I will do some more work on this one in the
future and will announce here when there's something to show.
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