Hi list,

When scraping a website:
: (scrape Urlbase 80 How)

I want to go through every link to perform further parsing in some
links, based in the first word of the tile of the link, but ran into
some difficulties.

Is this the right way to access each of the links?
: (for L *Links (cond ((=T (pre? "Quarto" (car L))) (scrape this link...

After further digging, I thought that (car L) would access the
description (title) of the link, and `cdr` the last part of the url.
But, then I found out that (car L) returns the same than (caar L) and (caaar L).
So, L returns T to `lst?`.  But what is the right way to access it?

I know that scrape.l is available, but still a ton too much for me to
understand it.

Have a nice weekend,

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