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Hi List,

> There are two books about picolisp available, one containing also the
> reference [...] Thought I'm not absolutely sure that the reference in
> there is on the newest current state, maybe someone else can
> confirm/deny this.

The function reference reflects the current state at the time of
publishing of the books. I guess that whats in there is still 99% valid,
and only a few tiny changes and corrections have be done. But some new
functions may be missing in the ref.

One day there should be a 2nd edition of these books, since so many
exciting things have been and are happening in the PicoLisp universe
that should and could be added to the book. E.g.:

 - PicoLisp on Hardware
 - PicoLisp and Java
 - Emacs and PicoLisp
 - PicoLisp Ports
 - etc, etc ...
Don't have the time for it though. Maybe in the future ... or somebody
else takes over the task?


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