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> Hi Christophe,

Hi Alex,

>> Is there a reason why 'wr is not included in Ersatz?
> It is simply because the whole family of binary I/O functions is not
> supported.
> The plain 'wr' would be quite trivial to implement, but then there
> should be also 'rd' and 'pr' for completeness.

You mean «aesthetically»? Maybe even «API-sthetically»? ;)
Or is there a technical reason?

> The latter two functions need the PLIO format,

I don't know anything about this one, and any search about it is an unlucky one.
Could you provide some details ?

> and that's not available currently in ErsatzLisp.
> (In fact, PLIO for Java exists, in "java/InOut.java", so this could be
> all put together.)

I guess you wrote the sentence in parentheses after a bit of research.
I could not find anything about java/InOut.java myself though.

So there is some hope !



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