Hi Christophe,

> > Partial documentations? Questions why it is not fully implemented?
> Indeed. But anyway, here you have another question:
> «why is it not implemented at all?» !

What I meant above is: If we implement only [the trivial] part of binary
I/O, then we also must write a separate documentation for it.

> Maybe you could add those binary functions to the
> «There is no support for:» section in the
> http://software-lab.de/ersatz/README

Well, it is there, implicitly. The items

   -- interprocess communication ('tell', 'hear', 'ipc', 'udp' etc.)
   -- databases (external symbols)

are what that binary I/O is mainly for.

> Or will it take less time for you to implement them ;) ?

Implementation would take longer. It probably needs a different
set of underlying Java I/O classes.

> Anyway, I'm not even sure if wr is suitable for what I want:
> writing image files like bitmap files from a list of bytes.
> Is it? Or is 'wr only meant to be read with 'rd?

'wr' would be good, I think. The complement of 'rd' is 'pr'.

A better idea: Why do you bother with ErsatzLisp at all? If you don't
have Linux or another POSIX system, instead of starting the Java-VM you
might as well start a Linux-VM and run real PicoLisp with all features,
and at full speed :)

♪♫ Alex
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