Hi Alex,

My old Mac mini has an Intel Core 2 Duo, and that is supposed to be a 64-bit 
machine. However, when I should pick the Ubuntu version for this Mac from this 
both the drop-down menus says "32-bit — for machines with less than 2GB RAM". 
That is what I picked, and I am afraid that prevents me from running 64-bit 
You are right, when I do (cons *CPU (version T)), then I get
("emu" 16 1 16).
There is a chance I could have managed to run some 64-bit Linux on this old Mac 
if I went for a non-GUI version, or a version that was happy with only 1GB RAM, 
but as it is, I am quite satisfied that I managed to get Linux running at all 
on this Mac.


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Hi Jon,

> I had an old Mac mini that I had given up as an OSX machine, as it had
> only 1 GB RAM, and it was too difficult (or impossible?) to install more
> ...
> One of the first things I installed was PicoLisp, of course. I simply did the
> sudo apt-get install picolisp
> What I got was C, 32-bit PicoLisp. I was slightly
> disappointed.

Hmm, I don't know, but isn't the Mac mini hardware 32-bits?

> Then today I downloaded the current .tgz from
> software-lab.de<http://software-lab.de>. I tried the
> (cd src64; make), and to my delight, I now got 64-bit 16.1.16 working!

If so, perhaps it compiled the emulator, which is the fallback
architecture if the machine is neither arm64, x86_64 or ppc64le?

What does *CPU say? I suspect

   : (cons *CPU (version T))
   -> ("emu" 16 1 16)

♪♫ Alex
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