Hi all,

since early versions of PicoLisp I have a problem with the behavior of

It concerns the REPL line editor in debug mode, the way how a backspace
behaves across a wrapped line.

To move backwards in the line, the line editor sends a Ctrl-H to the
terminal. This happens not only explicitly (e.g. when the user types 'h'
in vi-mode), but also implicitly when the line is refreshed.

The problem arises when the line gets longer than the number of columns.
Terminals show different behavior here: Some move back to the last
column of the previous line (this is OK), and some stay in the first
column of the next line (this results in a mess).

XTerm is OK, but the linux consoles (tty1 ... tty7) are not. Gnome seems
to have a config option for that.

It would be nice if we could control it directly frow within the line
editor. I tried various 'stty' and tcsetattr(termios) parameters, but
without avail.

Does anybody have an idea?

♪♫ Alex
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