Hi Fredrik,

On Mon, Mar 07, 2016 at 12:34:00AM +0100, Fredrik Fornwall wrote:
> The termcap/terminfo databases try to document which terminals support
> something like this in the auto_left_margin/bw variable (see first
> entry at http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lpg/node127.html), but I'm unsure of
> how accurate these are here (they cannot be for terminals making the
> behaviour configurable).

OK, I see. So in an ideal world a simple

   (call "tmux" "bw")

would do what I'm asking for, but as I understand it "bw" is reading but
not setting the value.

> As a developer of a terminal emulator (Termux), I think the behaviour
> with backspace across newlines that the PicoLisp REPL expects is a
> sensible one and is planning to introduce that behaviour there, so it
> will at least work in one more terminal soon :).

Cool! That's good news :) Termux is my main terminal anyway.

> A general solution working across more terminals would involve either
> pulling in something heavyweight like readline/rlwrap as already
> mentioned, or extending the REPL to use escape sequences to move the
> cursor across lines without depending on backspace.

Right, and this is what I wanted to avoid. Knowing the proper escape
sequences requires linking the termcap database (typically via curses).
But that's shooting sparrows with cannons.


♪♫ Alex
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