It's not nearly that cool yet.  I must have updated the version without
updating the docs a while back. While updating the docs I noticed that
there's yet a newer version out.

Isn't there already a script somewhere that pings the download page of for a newer version?  I'd like to stay on top of versioning.
I'm new to maintaining an open source product and strive to one day meet
the responsiveness and helpfulness that many others have been to me in this


On Aug 22, 2016 5:15 AM, "Jon Kleiser" <> wrote:

> Thanks again, David!
> When I run this and do “(version)”, I get 16.5.30, while your docs says
> “This is version 16.2”. I guess one gets the current stable release version
> when one does the “docker pull”. Is that right?
> /Jon
> > On 22. Aug, 2016, at 02:00, David Bloom <> wrote:
> >
> > Docs updated.  Sorry it took me so long.  I'll be quicker to respond in
> the future.  Added a --rm to automatically remove the container upon exit

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