Hi Dean,

> I'm just wondering what my options are re doing this....
> (de mmbr (Trgt L)
>    (for Ele L
>       (if (== Ele Trgt) (println "found so exit with true")
>                         (println "try next")
>       )
>    )
>    (prinl "list exhausted so return false")
> )
> (mmbr 'B '(A B C))
> I only know how to iterate over lists using for but don't know how to exit
> for.

For simply finding an element in a list, you can use 'member' or 'memq'

   (memq 'B '(A B C))

It returns the restlist, or NIL if not found.

To implement it yourself, you could do

   (de mmbr (Trgt L)
      (for Ele L
         (T (== Ele Trgt) T) ) )

   : (mmbr 'B '(A B C))
   -> T

   : (mmbr 'D '(A B C))
   -> NIL

> I also saw find...but wasn't sure exactly how I'd apply that.

   : (find '((X) (== X 'B)) '(A B C))
   -> B

> BTW which is the most efficient loop in Picolisp from an execution
> perspective?

I would say 'while' and 'until', or 'do' for counted loops.

You can experiment with 'bench' to compare the relative speeds.

♪♫ Alex
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