" is atom -- undefined if I wrap,,, prinl Ele " is atom"
  in yet another set of brackets
  i.e. it's already inside 4 sets of brackets
  inside the function lmnu_to_mnu_tbl().
  The only reason I did the last enclosing brackets was that I wanted to add
  some additional statements after the print statement
  so how would you do that i.e. what are the rules
  'cos at present I just put brackets around what I view as distinct
  Any help much appreciated and sorry for the newbie-ness of this question.

(setq L

(de lmnu_to_mnu_tbl (L Lkey)
   (for Ele L
         if (== (car Ele) Nil)
            # " is atom" undefined if I include this last set of brackets
            #(prinl Ele " is atom")
            prinl Ele " is atom"                        #by contrast this
is fine
            prinl Ele " is list"

(debug 'lmnu_to_mnu_tbl)
(lmnu_to_mnu_tbl L ())

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