On Fri, Dec 09, 2016 at 01:52:02PM -0800, j...@jef.cc wrote:
> I would like to give PicoLisp a try for a very simple CGI program that will
> accept data from a web form. Is there an easy way to access form data via CGI?

Perhaps you could take a look at


or on picolisp.com for examples applications.

> Maybe something like Python's cgi.FieldStorage which is a python 
> dictionary-like
> object. It will run on a shared hosting environment which will not allow a
> long-running process, hence the need for CGI. Thanks very much!

The PicoLisp HTTP framework also works without sessions (= long running
processes). You could take a look at the sources of the picolisp.com Wiki (can
be downloaded as http://software-lab.de/wiki.tgz) which runs session-less unless
a user logs in.

- Alex
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