On Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Bruno Franco
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> P.S.
> I'm still new to picolisp, so don't take any of what I say as gospel. And if
> anyone
> can confirm or expand on what I've said, I'd appreciate it a lot.

I'm not a veteran but let me expose what I once understood.

> I think that, in general, you want to quote a symbol when you want to change
> the value of that symbol when the function is evaluated. I think that not
> every function can do this, and I think it is called "destruction."
> […]
> So, if you wanna change what S is using set, quote it.
> If S is a list and you wanna change its innards, don't quote it.

I think that, although technically probably correct, the purpose of quoting or
not quoting may not be summed up like this.

> Here are some functions that behave different if you quote or not their
> symbol argument:
> inc, dec, push, pop, set, setq

Every function will behave the same, it only changes what you throw at them

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