Hi all,

if someone has fun with this question, I would appreciate an answer.

I creat a named pipe in a terminal window and start a simple listener loop:

mknod listener p

while true
  read line <listener
  eval $line

In a second terminal window (same working directory) sending from pil repl commands to listener works:

==pil interactive works==
: (out "listener" (print 'tput "clear"))
: (out "listener" (print 'tput "cup" 3 15))
: (out "listener" (print 'echo "hey"))

==>First terminal screen will be cleared and word 'hey' is written on third line starting in column 15

But why do these 3 lines not work, when calling as hey.l file:

==call as pil script does not work==
bash:> pil hey.l

== hey.l ==
(out "listener" (print 'tput "clear"))
(out "listener" (print 'tput "cup" 3 15))
(out "listener" (print 'echo "hey"))

==>I do get ambiguous results, sometimes it looks like the cursor move will take place, but no word appears.

I looked into the rosetta examples and pil docs and more, but I can't get this work.

Greetings and thank you in advance


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