# Sorry for a long delay.  I found this message in my Spam folder.  Your
# previous message in this thread was also classified as spam.

# I made an error with the order of parameters for `help:'.

# Main motivation is clarity.  I have to think about it alot more.

# At the moment speed is not a problem at all.

# I don't see the point of `hde' at all.  It is just complicated.  I would
# rather use `def' directly.

[de help: [Txt Sym]
  [if *Dbg
    [def Sym 'help: Txt]
    Sym ] ]

     [p "At the moment it is hardly better than using "'def" directly.  "] ]
  'help: ]

[help: 'RTFC
  [de help [Sym]
    [get Sym 'help:] ] ]

[de rem: [Txt . "Prg"]
  [run "Prg"] ]
[de FixMe: . rem:]
[de TBD . !]

[FixMe: "Useful definitions.  "
  [help: '[txt "In the worst case "'let" it be "'pack" or "'prin".  "]
    [de txt . Data] ]

  [de p . txt] ]

[de Data []
  [up] ]
[de fun . Data]
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