Hello list. I'm having a lot of fun with picolisp, doing practice
problems and working with different codes. One concern I have though is
that most of the files in the Picolisp 16.12 release do not have proper
license labeling. For legal safety and to avoid confusion, we need to
have at least *every source code* file in the release labeled at the top
of the file with the applicable license. This is especially important
since you have some files in the release that are under different
licenses (e.g., some elisp under GPL-2); also you have javascript files
that are served by some of your libraries and, when served, end up
looking like they have no license at all (if someone inspects the
javascript code) when (presumably) the javascript also is freely licensed.

Is that already something on your TODO list? I am willing to help with
this... I just need to know if you want me to create a patch against the
stable version 16.12, or some other release. Of course, the danger with
me being involved is you might at some point claim I've misrepresented
your licensing intentions.

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