*Actions over Words:*

Step 1. Patch the latest download so it contains the license information
Step 2.    ?
Step 3. Profit!

Hint: ? is finding a new place to host and go to 1.

2017-03-13 19:09 GMT+01:00 Bruno Franco <brunofrancosala...@gmail.com>:

> I think that what Christopher means is that adding a licence makes the
> developer's wishes clear. When you put a permissible licence its obvious
> you don't care what people do with the code, but if there's no licence at
> all it *could* mean you don't care, or it *could* mean you do care but
> just forgot to say it. In the case with no licence, there will be people
> who would like to use the code however they want, but stop because they're
> not sure the developer would accept it. This is not a problem with anyone
> in this community, who knows the code is free to use for anyone. It is more
> for people who find the code without knowing anything about the developer

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