Thanks Erik! I've updated app-persist

To run it, I was also thinking heroku or is interesting (minimal
expense). For either one, I was thinking of creating a docker container.

I have a minimal, non-picolisp, example at:

There is also, although
I might modify that to pull latest picolisp and compile

Lastly, a free amazon micro instance could suffice

I have a shell on digitalocean that I use, but I don't particularly want to
maintain the app going forward

I think heroku would probably be best as it's similar to how others in the
todo-backend have done it. It would also be good to demonstrate how to
deploy a picolisp app to heroku. I just don't have time at the moment to
try it out. Thanks for the help!


On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 7:46 PM, Erik Gustafson <>

> Hi Joe,
> Thanks for your work on this!
> Minor note - app-persist.l starts with
>    # non-persistent version ...
> To get your implementation listed, we need it running live somewhere. Do
> you have a favorite method for that? I'm happy to look into using Heroku
> this weekend.
> It was a fun exercise. I would like to write a wiki article about it and
> possibly even create a video to show my workflow
> I would especially love to see this video if you make it!
> Cheers,
> Erik

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