Hi list,

I think heroku would probably be best as it's similar to how others in the
todo-backend have done it. It would also be good to demonstrate how to
deploy a picolisp app to heroku.

I made a handful of attempts at getting PL deployed to Heroku this past
week. Humbly, I admit defeat for the moment.

The Heroku documentation makes it seem straightforward:



I was hoping I could simply plug the docker-tinycore-picolisp image into
Heroku with slight variations of the above articles. It must be possible!
My attempts, however, were greeted with a storm of different error messages
each time. Someone with a bit more knowledge of Docker and these types of
systems might be able to make it work.

I suppose the "right" way to deploy PL to Heroku would be to create a
custom buildpack:



That lies beyond my interest (at the time of writing this mail, at least).
I'll keep it in mind for when I'm feeling adventurous again :P


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