On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 07:49:33AM -0800, Christopher Howard wrote:
> Well, since microcom and screen can both read the data fine, logically
> it must be a fault either in my picolisp programming, or the way
> picolisp handles input. At home I've been playing around with coding it
> different to try to capture more in a single read, such us using 'rd,
No, as we saw in the strace, the low-level read does not return. So it doesn't
matter how you intend to process the data on the higher levels ('rd' vs. 'read'
vs. 'line' or 'char').

> and introducing delays at various points, but no luck so far. I'm going
> to try to strace microcom and see what it does differently. Maybe it all
> has something to do with the ioctl params...?

What about the serial line parameters? Some handshaking?

> Incidentally, is the a way in picoLisp to pull all available data from a
> file (not just a line) in one call, but without evaluating said data?
> There's load, but that always evaluates the file data. I guess I could
> do a character at a time and poll for eof...?

Yes, e.g

   (in File (make (while (char) (link @))))

But easier is

   (in File (till))

for a list of characters or

   (in File (till NIL T))

for a single long string.

♪♫ Alex

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