Hi PositronPro,

> (de describe-path (Path)
> '(1st text `(cadr Path) 2nd text `(car Path) 3rd text.) )
> ...
> -> 1st text NIL 2nd text NIL 3rd text
> #output has NIL?

This code is rather meaningless in PicoLisp.

It returns the list (because it is quoted) and the 'Path' elements are expanded
at *read* time. Please check the PicoLisp docs about read macros.

A result like

> (describe-path '(first second third))
> -> 1st text second 2nd text first 3rd text

is not possible in Lisp (i.e. returning 7 results).

I suspect you want in fact to get a list like

: (describe-path '(first second third))
-> (1st text second 2nd text first 3rd text.)

Then the equivalent of a backquote in other Lisp is 'fill':

(de describe-path (Path)
      '(1st text ^(list (cadr Path)) 2nd text ^(list (car Path)) 3rd text.) ) )

♪♫ Alex

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