El 14/01/2018 09:53, "pd" <eukel...@gmail.com> escribió:
> So if you want to achieve the behavior of last function you should define
it that way:
> (de describe-path (Path)
> `(1st text ,(cadr Path) 2nd text ,(car Path) 3rd text.) )

The problem with this definition is that, if ` macro works as I suppose, it
won't work because ` macro expansion happens at 'function definition time'
when Path argument has no value rather than at 'function calling time' when
parameter Path will have a value (hopefully)

The solution is a work around:

(de describe-path (Path)
  (list '1st 'text (car Path) '2nd 'text (cadr Path) '3rd 'text.) )

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