Hi Henrik,

> Thanks Alex, will try and find the time to refactor all the local calls in
> the ext library sources.

Yes, sorry for the confusion! The change in namespace semantics last year was a
serious cut, but namespaces in PicoLisp were relatively new at that time, and
the change resulted in a much more useful and efficient system.

> >I use '[' and ']' if there is more than one symbol instead of '(' and ')' as 
> >a
> >convention. See @lib/vip.l, @lib/android.l or @lib/gis.l for extensive 
> >examples.
> I see (local) [clearHistory clearCache] but I also see (local) loadTxt
> loadUrl in android.l?

Correct. (local) simply 'reads' the next s-expr in current-namespace-only, so
that all symbols in that expression are created here.

Thus you can either give a single symbol or a list of symbols.

♪♫ Alex

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