We are proud to release PIDA 0.5.1 - "Rhubarb Crumble". The release
contains a few features (which are massive enhancements to usability)
as well as the usual number of bug fixes.

And remember: PIDA LOVES YOU!


0.5.1 "Rhubarb Crumble"


[1119] Added History to status bar.
[1118] Added First run wizard.
[1122] Shortcut to focus editor.
[1129] Allow projects to change their names. Launchpad bug:123323.
Closes #141.
[1133] Shortcut to go to parent directory in file manager. Closes
[1137] Shortcut to focus terminal pane. Closes #143.
[1138] Project-relative filenames in buffer list.
[1170] Completion hooks for vim.
[1178] Allow setting keyboard shortcuts for basic editor actions.
[1182] Added and option to use Gamin. False by default. Closes #153.


[1107] Corrected AUTHORS file.
[1121] Update context menus on plugin load/unload. Fixes #122.
[1126] Fixed bug reporting mechanism.
[1130] Allow Vim filenames with commas. LP: 78773. Fixes: #142.
[1132] Add missing subversion state Fixes #123.
[1134] Handle pending merges output for bzr. Fixes LP 76368.
[1162] Fix crash on plugin loading errors. Fixes #145.
[1163] Allow PIDA to be started on any screen. Fixes #146.
[1171] Add commit support for GIT.
[1180] Good error message when Gvim is not isntalled. Fixes #152.
[1186] Ensure plugin pixmaps get registered as stock icons. Fixes
[1189] Add missing Emacs UI Definition.

Non Core

[1111] Prototype debugger plugin based on WinPDB.
[1115] Alphapetically sort documentation library book list.
[1152] Python source viewer now jumps to line.
[1177] Koders.com plugin.

0.5.0 "Strawberries and Cream"

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