> I'd very much like to try Pida with emacs.
> When I start Pida (0.5.1) it presents me a dialog where I can choose
> to either use Vim or Emacs. Both show an "Okay to use" message. So I
> select the Emacs option. Then indeed an Emacs window appears, but
> nothing more than that. The Emacs message buffer shows:
>   "command-line: Uknown option `--parent-d`".
> Does anyone have a hint how to resolve this??
> I'm working on Ubuntu "Feisty". I have the following Emacs packages
> installed:
>   $ aptitude search emacs | grep "^i"
>   i   emacs-color-themes              - Color themes for
> Emacs
>   i   emacs-snapshot                  - The GNU Emacs editor
> (development snapshot
>   i A emacs-snapshot-bin-common       - The GNU Emacs editor's shared,
> architectur
>   i A emacs-snapshot-common           - The GNU Emacs editor's common
> infrastructu
>   i   emacs-snapshot-el               - GNU Emacs LISP (.el)
> files
>   i   emacs-snapshot-gtk              - The GNU Emacs editor (with GTK
> + 2.x suppor
>   i   emacs-snapshot-nox              - The GNU Emacs editor (without
> X support)
>   i   emacs21                         - The GNU Emacs
> editor
>   i   emacs21-bin-common              - The GNU Emacs editor's shared,
> architectur
>   i   emacs21-common                  - The GNU Emacs editor's shared,
> architectur
>   i   emacsen-common                  - Common facilities for all
> emacsen
> Any hint is highly appreciated. Kind regards,
> jw

Hi thanks for trying PIDA,

http://pida.co.uk/trac/wiki/EmacsSupport describes how to get Emacs up
and running. From that page:

Johan Dahlin has built ubuntu feisty packages of a snapshot from Emacs
CVS with the necessary patches applied. These packages can be found
at; http://dragon.async.com.br/~jdahlin/emacs-snapshot/

sounds perfect for you, and I have tested the packages. They work.


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