just to clarify what I miswrote above, the synaptic version of pida
worked fine, then I thought I would get 0.5.1 and install from source.

On Sep 7, 1:43 pm, tejas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all, I tried the pida version that came with synaptic on dapper and
> thought it was very nice. I decided to install the newest version
> (0.5.1)
> The build and install goes fine. But when I try to run pida, I get:
> Fatal Error, Cannot start Pida
> with details:
> The pida package could not be found
> cannot import name Objecttree
> the pida folder has been installed on my python path at /usr/lib/
> python2.4/site-packages so I'm not sure why objects/packages for pida
> can't be seen. Does anyone have an idea on this?
> thanks

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