Hi all,

Thank you developpers, thanks a lot you have finaly done it !

 I'm very pleased to see those kind of development tool: the power of
vim (or emacs) with a very good gui: it rocks !

Hope that your project will reach the mass and be one of the major dev

I have a few question regarding the plugins development philosophy.
Vim has already more than thousand of plugins (they call them scripts)
and some are very very good but sometimes lack of a good gui  to be
easier to use.

Do you think it will be useful or interesting to merge the quality of
the most used vim scripts with the quality of pida gui ? My concern
and perhaps some of the vim and/or pida users is to keep the same
tools and not to duplicate them.

I think it's one of the major goal of PIDA (not to re-think the weel),
isn't' it ?

Look at snippets, project, source code browser, ... vim scripts: some
are famous and with the power and simplicity of PIDA'GUI I think it
willbe beautiful.

But perhaps this mail should have been send to vim mailing list. Sorry
for the un-technical  terms of my mail: I'm not a developer just a
happy user !

Keep going this way your job is already very very good !
Thank you again for that.

Have a nice day


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