Thank-you Ali for your answer.

What do you think about a post to vim-devel to see if some of the vim-
script  developers will enjoy to add a PIDA layer to their scripts ?
Do you think it's a good idea ?

I hope I could help you more when my python skills will be better, I'm
just a scientist and use python with scipy and  matplotlib just to
make matlab-like scripts.

What is the best way to report bugs and suggestions ?

Thank's again for PIDA

> Thank-you for your kind words.
> About using Vim plugins, this is certainly possible, and any developer is free
> to write and release any PIDA plugins on the community site, and they will be
> available for download in the PIDA plugin manager.
> The reason that we have not done this much in the past is that Vim-script
> based plugins will only be available to Vim users of PIDA. This has good
> points and bad points. Good: it will (as you say) leverage existing Vim code,
> and bad: Vim-only.
> In order to achieve things like this and reach the masses, we will need a lot
> more developers. We all have heavy working schedules and PIDA is a spare-time
> activity.
> Please help wherever you can: dev, bugs, docs etc etc.
> Thanks again,
> Ali

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