PIDA looks like a great idea - it's got features I can't make work in
Eclipse (I'm developing a Plone app, and it lets me run a full ArgoUML
session - the ArgoEclipse plugin is useless - and I run ArchGenXML
from it - thanks Sean Fulmer), but PIDA's home page says "Embedding
Vim or any editor", which is unfortunately vaporware.

I'm sure those of you responsible for the Vim plugin are fond of it,
but personally I believe Vim is evil - and Emacs only slightly less
so.  This is a good enough app that I'd write the plugin for my editor
myself, but there's absolutely no documentation that would tell me
how.  Help me out, please.  What is required?  Somebody else asked
about MEdit, two months ago, and nobody has responded.

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