On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 10:41 -0800, derek wrote:
> On Dec 28 2007, 7:25 pm, "Timur Izhbulatov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> >
> > Fortunately, Kate can embed vim. At least it used to.
> Not as far as I can tell - and why would I want it to?  I want to use
> _my_ editor, not vi or emacs. Vim embedded in kate would just make me
> use the same awful interface I can already get in Pida.  Do you mean
> Vim can embed kate?

Hi Derek,

Thanks for showing interest in writing an editor. Yes our documentation
on this matter is somewhat lacking, but an editor is a service like any
other, so the documentation in the handbook applies there. In addition
we have some helpful base classes that can be used.

Your best bet is to look at the source of the Moo editor in PIDA trunk.
It is fairly easy to follow, and of course we are all available to
answer questions.

If you need more realtime feedback, please find us on #pida on Freenode


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