Hi derek,

Yes, only vim and emacs are available in last stable download.
Moo support appear in trunk 3/4 weeks ago. Try it :)


On 28 déc, 00:27, derek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> PIDA looks like a great idea - it's got features I can't make work in
> Eclipse (I'm developing a Plone app, and it lets me run a full ArgoUML
> session - the ArgoEclipse plugin is useless - and I run ArchGenXML
> from it - thanks Sean Fulmer), but PIDA's home page says "Embedding
> Vim or any editor", which is unfortunately vaporware.
> I'm sure those of you responsible for the Vim plugin are fond of it,
> but personally I believe Vim is evil - and Emacs only slightly less
> so.  This is a good enough app that I'd write the plugin for my editor
> myself, but there's absolutely no documentation that would tell me
> how.  Help me out, please.  What is required?  Somebody else asked
> about MEdit, two months ago, and nobody has responded.
> derek
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