> > Hopefully we will quickly take care of your remarks.
> I really can't benefit from pida until I know more, so I'd like to
> help you help me.
> [SNIP]

We've begun to answer your questions on our development site[1].  Note
that we do not have a FAQ at the moment, but it could be a good idea to
group these questions later in such a format.

Please be sure to consult our handbook[2] also before pushing any other
question. We've tried, with this document, to explain PIDA for
developers and end users as well. Some of your questions should have a
response in the document. If it is not the case, please help us to fill
the holes.

Tito will probably soon take care of your first remarks about the main
website[3]. We will inform you of our progress to get your kind advice.

[1] http://pida.co.uk/trac/wiki/DocumentationRefactoring
[2] http://pida.co.uk/doc/handbook.html
[3] http://pida.co.uk/


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