> We've begun to answer your questions on our development site

Thanks for this.  I made extensive comments on the wiki yesterday.

It might be good to use the actual Eclipse docs 
as a template.  I would recommend skimming the docs as a document
writer would read them, not as a user would read them.  This is kinda
like watching a movie as a student in a film school would watch a

I suspect that well over 100 writer-years have been spent on the
Eclipse docs. There is no way you are going to duplicate that level of
effort in a few days.  However, you might find it useful to read those
docs with a document writer's eyes.  You can discover for yourself
what works (or doesn't) in the Eclipse docs.  You can compare its
organization with yours.  Etc.

I'm making these suggestions because I think Eclipse in Python is a
great project.  It appears that you have put a large amount of work
into the code.  I suspect that an equal amount of work is required to
explain to people what you have done.

I am thinking in particular about the following quote from "You and
your research" by Richard W. Hamming, a Nobel Prize winner.  See

Question: What kind of tradeoffs did you make in allocating your time
for reading and writing and actually doing research?

Hamming: I believed, in my early days, that you should spend at least
as much time in the polish and presentation as you did in the original
research. Now at least 50% of the time must go for the presentation.
It's a big, big number.

Every creative person really should read this article.


P.S. My all-time favorite documentation is Java's home page at:

The getting started page at is a masterpiece.

In particular, the common problems and their solutions page
ensures that people won't give up too soon.

Imo, every documentation writer can learn from close study of these
pages.  BTW, I estimate that Sun has put over 1000 writer-years into
these pages.

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