On Sep 6, 12:04 am, Javier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [sending again, it seems it didn't show up in ggroups]
> Hi,
> I'm finishing the development of "bzr-gedit", a plugin that integrates
> Bazaar into Gedit, and i'm thinking in doing something similar for
> PIDA now.
> I saw PIDA already has some Bazaar stuff[1], but I don't know how much
> of Bazaar is integrated.
> Does PIDA needs more Bazaar integration?
> It has to be done inside the "anyvc" interface or an isolated plugin
> is ok?

currently there is some simple generic support for workdir operations
any further work on good vcs support for the common vcs's should go
into anyvc

im currently extracting anyvc from pida to be a separate lib, its
still buged and needs tome time to grow better basic hg/bzr backends
and unittests

after that there really is need to enhance general dvcs integration
as the general workflows are semilar and duplicating work sucks

thinks i want to get is pulling projects from bitbucket, launchpad,
managing branches within the same workdir and different workdirs
other weird things i dont know yet

> Thanks!
> [1]http://tinyurl.com/68ngy8

Thanks for your interest

Regards Ronny
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