Have a look at this feature request of E-texteditor
a lot of guys are waiting for a linux version which don't seem to be
available soon


This is perhaps a good opportunity for PIDA to reach even more people
frustrated about the lack of TextMate on Linux.
... ok ok  I'm gone !....

On 23 oct, 17:24, Francois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just see an eye candy screencast of E-texteditor today showing
> how to build a todo.txt  bundle.
> http://e-texteditor.com/blog/2008/todotxt-bundle-creation-tutorial
> I'm wondering if this kind of tool (the bundle also used of course by
> Textmate and Intype) could be one of the future feature enhancement of
> PIDA ?
> Don't know if it's difficult to implement but IMHO vim as already in
> his design a lot of concept similar to the ones used in the bundle
> (syntax file, dict file, etc  for different file type, completion,
> python ruby scripting and so on ...) but need more polishing and user
> friendliness.
> What do you think abour this idea/concept ? Out of question or yes
> this is the way to go ?
> I'm using your last development version of PIDA, amazing work guys !
> realy impressive ....and you know what I love PIDA.
> Best regards
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