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  = Backward incompatible changes in Pig 0.7.0 =
  Pig 0.7.0 will include some major changes to Pig most of them driven by the 
[[LoadStoreRedesignProposal | Load-Store redesign]]. Some of these changes will 
not be backward compatible and will require users to change their pig scripts 
or their UDFs. This document is intended to keep track of such changes so that 
we can document them for the release.
+ | Change | Impact | Steps to address | Comments |
+ | Load/Store interface changes | High | [[LoadStoreMigrationGuide | Load 
Store Migration Guide]] | |
+ | Bzip compressed files can no longer have .bz extension | Low | 1. Rename 
existing .bz files to .bz2 files. 2. Update scripts to read/write files with 
bz2 extension | This change is due to the fact that Text{Input/Output}Format 
only supports bz2 extension |
  == Changes to the Load and Store Functions ==

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