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  || Data compression becomes load/store function specific || Handling 
Compressed Data || Unknow but hopefully low || If compression is needed the 
underlying Input/Output format would need to support it || ||
  || Bzip compressed files can no longer have .bz extension || Handling 
Compressed Data || Low || 1. Rename existing .bz files to .bz2 files. 2. Update 
scripts to read/write files with bz2 extension || This change is due to the 
fact that Text{Input/Output}Format only supports bz2 extension ||
  || Switch to Hadoop's local mode || Local Mode || Low || None || Main change 
is 10-20x performance slowdown. Also, local mode now uses the same UDF 
interfaces to execute UDFs as the MR mode. ||
+ || Load-Stream or Stream-Store optimizations no longer supported || Streaming 
|| Low to None || None || This feature was never documented so it is unlikely 
it was ever used ||
+ || No longer support serialization and decerialization via load/store 
functions || Streaming || Unknown but hopefully low to medium || Implement new 
Serializer/Deserializer interfaces for non-standard serialization || ||
+ || Removed BinaryStorage builtin || Streaming || Low to None || None || As 
far as we know, this class was only used internally by streaming ||
  == Changes to the Load and Store Functions ==

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