Raghu Angadi wrote:
Hi Santosh,

There are two separate things :
  (a) voting a contributor as a committer
  (b) committing to a contrib project.


Reason for (a) is simple scalability. We can not monitor everything. If

I meant to say "Reason for (b)" (why contrib commits are treated bit differently).

Our motivation is not to bypass any oversight.. it is just so that we don't to burden PIG committers too much. We are happy if a PIG committer volunteers to oversee and commit.


you or another PIG developer volunteers to commit zebra patches, we are more than happy to let you do it. Please let us know. Or at any stage, if you feel we may be violating normal conventions (like breaking builds or committing some PIG changes).. please raise the issue. We have not seen serious problems in this regd with any other project, I think we should get benefit or doubt.

I have not addressed the reason for a new branch here. will pitch for it another mail.


Santhosh Srinivasan wrote:
Is there any precedence for such proposals? I am not comfortable with
extending committer access to contrib teams. I would suggest that Zebra
be made a sub-project of Hadoop and have a life of its own.

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From: Raghu Angadi [mailto:rang...@yahoo-inc.com] Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 4:06 PM
To: pig-dev@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: Proposal to create a branch for contrib project Zebra

Thanks to the PIG team, The first version of contrib project Zebra (PIG-833) is committed to PIG trunk.

In short, Zebra is a table storage layer built for use in PIG and other Hadoop applications.

While we are stabilizing current version V1 in the trunk, we plan to add

more new features to it. We would like to create an svn branch for the new features. We will be responsible for managing zebra in PIG trunk and

in the new branch. We will merge the branch when it is ready. We expect the changes to affect only 'contrib/zebra' directory.

As a regular contributor to Hadoop, I will be the initial committer for Zebra. As more patches are contributed by other Zebra developers, there might be more commiters added through normal Hadoop/Apache procedure.

I would like to create a branch called 'zebra-v2' with approval from PIG



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