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Is there any precedence for such proposals? I am not comfortable with
extending committer access to contrib teams. I would suggest that Zebra
be made a sub-project of Hadoop and have a life of its own.

There has been sufficient precedence for 'contrib committers' in Hadoop (e.g. Chukwa vis-a-vis the former 'Hadoop Core' sub-project) and is normal within the Apache world for committers with specific 'roles' e.g specific Contrib modules, QA, Release/Build etc. (http://hadoop.apache.org/common/credits.html - in fact, Giridharan Kesavan is an unlisted 'release' committer for Apache Hadoop)

I believe it's a desired, nay stated, goal for Zebra to graduate as a Hadoop sub-project eventually, based on which it was voted-in as a contrib module by the Apache Pig.

Given these, I don't see  any cause for concern here.



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Subject: Proposal to create a branch for contrib project Zebra

Thanks to the PIG team, The first version of contrib project Zebra
(PIG-833) is committed to PIG trunk.

In short, Zebra is a table storage layer built for use in PIG and other
Hadoop applications.

While we are stabilizing current version V1 in the trunk, we plan to add

more new features to it. We would like to create an svn branch for the
new features. We will be responsible for managing zebra in PIG trunk and

in the new branch. We will merge the branch when it is ready. We expect
the changes to affect only 'contrib/zebra' directory.

As a regular contributor to Hadoop, I will be the initial committer for Zebra. As more patches are contributed by other Zebra developers, there
might be more commiters added through normal Hadoop/Apache procedure.

I would like to create a branch called 'zebra-v2' with approval from PIG



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