Arne Goedeke wrote:
>* permessage-deflate is activated by default. i don't believe that
>  this is a good choice.

The default is what should help most users.  I think it would have, but
it's not a big deal.

>* the negotiation code which determines the final set of options is
>  faulty. For instance, it activates the deflate extension even if it
>  was not actually negotiated. This breaks websockets for all clients
>  which do not use this extension!

I tried to follow the standard here, but I admit that the different
conditions spelled out in the standard are convoluted to begin with.

>* the extension itself is defined on messages not frames. this is why
>  low_parse (for instance) is not necessarily the best place to do the
>  inflate() and one reason why it does not work correctly at this point.

Ah, I misread the standard here, I think.

>classes. I refactored your code to use that new API. The code now passes
>the complete 'autobahn-testsuite', including all tests for
>permessage-deflate. The code has lost the per-frame option overwrite for
>deflate, but I am sure we can fit that back in. Please check if it works
>with your setup.

I'll have a look.  I'm in the middle of some SocketIO/EngineIO refactoring as

>diverged quite a lot. Additionally, this introduces a new API, which
>might change again in 8.1. I therefore stand by my initial comment. This
>should not have been added to 8.0 and I think it should be removed again.

Ok, fair enough.  I'll remove it again (minus minor fixes).

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