On Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 6:19 AM H William Welliver <will...@welliver.org> wrote:
> The only major flaw I am aware of is that the GTK example doesn’t work as 
> described because GTK1 isn’t supported anymore and it wasn’t updated to GTK2.

... and needs to be updated to GTK3 if it's to survive. As the Red
Queen explained it, it takes all the running you can do just to stay
in the same place, and you have to go twice that fast to actually get

> At the end of the day, the situation Pike finds itself in is the same today 
> as it was 15 years ago: it is largely a volunteer project. The Pike High 
> Wizards are busy doing their wizarding, and they have left it up to others to 
> fill in the gaps. That seems to be an entirely reasonable position for them 
> to take. I took that as a call to arms and over the years spent many, many 
> hours trying to fill gaps [1] and have always welcomed assistance, but almost 
> without exception, it’s been a solo effort. None of it has seemed to move the 
> needle. So, I find myself resigned to the idea that advocacy by one person 
> simply comes across as a crazy person yelling into the wilderness. I continue 
> to use pike because for almost all tasks, it continues to be the most 
> efficient way for me to solve a given problem.
> I’m always happy to take time when a reasonably well defined problem is 
> identified, so please feel free to do so and we’ll see if it can be solved.
> Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

There are some fairly cool features in the latest Pike builds that, to
my knowledge, aren't well documented yet. Maybe someone - and I'm
fully aware that that probably means "I" - should put together an
example of a socket server with on-the-fly updates and asynchronicity
provided by continue functions.


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