On 2021-10-19 15:45, Christian Töpp wrote:
Btw.. writing pike modules in c ist a nice theme i can write about ;)

I think that'd be excellent... I am aware of existing documentation on the subject, but it's spread all over the place (on the pike website, on modules.gotpike.org, my personal site, etc). I'd certainly be willing to help! There are definitely a number of "special situations" that I've worked out solutions to that ought to be described somewhere (like constructing a c-level module from multiple CMOD files, etc).

Hmm.. OK, lets talk about documentation. I would suggest to create
first a concept, toc, call it what you want. Just a Basic structure
of what should i do if...then let the users add comments to specific
themes. We can create a git repo for this and collect on one side
informations in whats needed and also on whats requested. I try to
help but have not much time (you know, job, family, etc)
May this help?

A first question might be, what is the intended scope for a given document? Is it a tutorial, or a comprehensive language reference? Should there be multiple documents? Or is it a set of goal-oriented documents (like, how do I use the Crypto module to generate an xyz hash?

Is the goal to discuss every construct and pattern, even the ones that might be best left undiscussed (looking at you, Automap)? Or maybe what's missing from the existing tutorials?

Is it just new stuff, or is there a fundamental problem with the way things are presented?

Or all of the above? :)

I realize that everyone is going to have different views but hearing what they are can be pretty useful.


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