Hello Koby,

On 2020-04-06 07:07, Koby Peleg Hen wrote:
Hello all ,

I am currently on this ,

Please Janos , make your decision.

Since I have looking at your project for very long time ,

And my client begin to ask for.

It is very simple to implenent , because there is simple convertor
from regular file system to S3.

If you decided  not to , please let us all know.

the answer is no for now. I've googled the topic, and found s3fs (perhaps
you referred to the same project).

Found a few articles that might come handy:


I encourage you and other piler users as well to test it. Perhaps it's
a good enough solution, and works with piler properly. If so, then I'll
update the docs with your findings.

In this case I will need to implement it by my self by the near

I have a lot of respect to your project and your time and the willing
to get pay for it.

But if some one whould like to pay , is for the support not for

Please take a look on the proxmox project.

I just did. And looked at nginx plus as well. Some projects monetize support,
others the features as well.

By my self , and my clients , I do not mean to take off without S3.

I'd say give a shot for s3fs, and see how it works. I'm not against it (or
any usable solution) by any means.

Janos SUTO

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