Hello all ,

I am currently on this ,
Please Janos , make your decision.

Since I have looking at your project for very long time ,
And my client begin to ask for.
It is very simple to implenent , because there is simple convertor from regular 
file system to S3.

If you decided  not to , please let us all know.
In this case I will need to implement it by my self by the near future.

I have a lot of respect to your project and your time and the willing to get 
pay for it.
But if some one whould like to pay , is for the support not for feature.

Please take a look on the proxmox project.

By my self , and my clients , I do not mean to take off without S3.

Please let us all know what have you decide.

Thak you all for your support and your time.

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ב-6 באפר׳ 2020, 1:47, ב-Ryan Blenis <ryan.ble...@gmail.com>, 1:47 כתב:
>Hi Janos,
>Thank you as always for your quick and in-depth response. I certainly
>understand the delicate balance between FOSS and enterprise paywalls
>feature-sets, and I thank you for even having an open source option to
>begin with! I'm just planning a migration to a new server (for when my
>current OS is EOL) and wanted to move the hosting to one with better
>support that doesn't over-provision the hosts resources as I've seen on
>current host, but HDD space isn't anywhere near as inexpensive as it is
>the current company. I was just thinking I could have the best of both
>worlds with S3 storage integrated. Many of the FOSS/enterprise paywalls
>other projects are based on LDAP integration, multi-tenancy,
>binaries, support levels, etc. that many business need, whereas object
>storage vs block storage felt like more of a separate paywall in terms
>cloud providers, so I just figured I'd ask if it was coming to the FOSS
>version. Also, I like to be able to modify the code if a customization
>be made, which I assume would not be the case with enterprise, correct?
>Also, if I try the enterprise on the new host, is there a path to
>to the FOSS version? Or would starting back from scratch be the only
>Thank you as always again.
>On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 7:16 AM <s...@acts.hu> wrote:
>> Hello Ryan,
>> On 2020-04-05 10:55, Ryan Blenis wrote:
>> >
>> > I see the enterprise version you offer it says one of the features
>> > piler has is S3 object storage, which looks like it was originally
>> > requested on the mailing list in 2018:
>> > https://www.mail-archive.com/piler-user@list.acts.hu/msg01335.html
>> >
>> > Does this mean that it is fully implemented now? And if so, will we
>> yes, it's fully implemented by now.
>> > ever see this in the open source version? Given the lower prices on
>> > compatible storage versus block storage and the unchanging nature
>> > the files, this would be great to have as an option that can reduce
>> > hosting costs from what is now being used for [comparatively]
>> > expensive block storage.
>> well, I've been thinking about it for a while, and still not decided,
>> it's a difficult business decision, so let me share my current
>> on the matter.
>> TL;DR: not in the near future.
>> I'm really proud that the open source edition has gained a pretty
>> traction, and I decided to somehow monetize its popularity.
>> So I've forked piler and built an enterprise edition along with some
>> commercial
>> services. To make the enterprise edition successful, I must offer
>> features
>> that are worth to pay for that is not available for free in the open
>> source edition.
>> I believe that the S3 storage support you asked for is such an
>> attractive feature,
>> so I'll keep it for the enterprise edition only, not sure how long.
>> However, I'm well aware of that the S3 costs are significantly lower
>> than block
>> storage costs at cloud hosting companies. I encourage you to try the
>> enterprise
>> edition, and see if it works for you. If so, and you like it, then
>> perhaps we
>> could figure out something viable to make the transition from open
>> source to
>> enterprise. I'd like to emphasize that I don't want to force you in
>> direction,
>> and it's totally ok to decline.
>> Let me know what you (and other piler users as well) think about the
>> matter.
>> Janos

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