On 2020-12-28 08:56, d tbsky wrote:

    I was testing master commit fb9150f and upgrade from sphinx 2.2 to
3.3.1. according to piler manual, I need to reindex everything.
   so I install a new machine.  copy /var/piler and /var/lib/mysql  to
new machine and do procedure below:

  rm -f /var/piler/sphinx/*
  runuser -u piler -- indexer --all --config /etc/piler/sphinx.conf
  cd /var/piler/tmp
  runuser -u piler -- reindex -a  (why this command didn't need to
specify /etc/piler/sphinx.conf?)

Because it has nothing to with sphinx. The reindex tool retrieves the
emails, parses them, and puts their contents to the sph_index table.
Then the sphinx indexer reads and process this table.

 I found I can not understand what happened.
 the size at old system:
 /var/piler/sphinx => 300MB
/var/lib/mysql/piler/sph_index.ibd => 22M

the size at new system after reindex:
/var/piler/sphinx => 89M, which didn't change at all at the reindex process

sphinx 3.3.1 has some improvements over the 2.2 series. If you can find
all your email, then don't worry.

/var/lib/mysql/piler/sph_index.ibd => become 1.9GB

This is the before mentioned table. Since you put a huge volume of data
during the reindex process this table has grown, and now it just doesn't
want to shrink. Try running "optimize table sph_index;" at the mysql
console to shrink it when the reindex has completed.

/var/piler/tmp => 17G, the same size as /var/piler/store

so the whole process seems extract mails from /var/piler/store to
/var/piler/tmp, and write to mysql.

I don't know is this behavior correct? why reindex touch nothing at
/var/piler/sphinx and why mysql db become so huge.

I try to open piler web UI and do some mail search, it seems working
fine, but I am still confused.

That's the ultimate test that you have done it well or not :-)


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